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Το χωριό Λιμνίτης - Limnitis Village - Cyprus

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Ο Λιμνίτης βρίσκεται σε μια εύφορη κοιλάδα δίπλα στο κύμα και την πέτρα του Λιμνίτη. Μέσα από το χωριό περνά ο χείμαρρος του Λιμνίτη που έχει ολόχρονα νερό και στις όχθες του έχει πολύ πράσινο. Το αμμώδες χώμα ποτίζεται και γίνεται γόνιμο και παραγωγικό. Είναι η περιοχή που εφοδιάζει την κατεχόμενη Κύπρο με φράουλες, κολοκάσι, ντομάτες, μαρούλια και άλλα λαχανικά.

Limnitis (Greek: Λιμνίτης; Turkish: Yeşilırmak) is a coastal village in the Tilliria region of north-western Cyprus. The upper parts of the village are located 20 metres above sea level, but Limnitis extends all the way down to the beach.

The size of the original population of the village seems to be disputed. According to figures of the Cypriot Government, the 1960 population was 323 (315 Turks and 8 Greeks) and, in 1973, the population was estimated at 396, all Turks. Turkish sources say that the town had swelled to about 1,200 people by 1968. Turkish sources estimate that around 2,000 people originating in the town now live in the United Kingdom and a further 1,500 live in Australia. In 2011, Limnitis had a population of 458.

The people are farmers; growing fruit and vegetables and selling them at markets is their main source of income. The village is known for its strawberries.

The village is located on the north western slopes of the Troodos Mountains. The region shows clear signs of early settlement; the ruins of Vouni Palace are located nearby, and the ruins of the city of Soli are located a little further to the East.
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 Photos 13/5/2016 by George Konstantinou

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