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Tuber aestivum Vittad. (1831) - Summer truffle - Καλοκαιρινή Τρούφα - Cyprus

Ελληνικό κείμενο 

Κορυφαίο εδώδιμο είδος, που καρποφορεί υπόγεια την άνοιξη και το καλοκαίρι. Συναντάτε σε δάση Τραχείας Πεύκης, δασύλλια Δρυός και θαμνότοπους, σε ασβεστολιθικά εδάφη. Η διασπορά των σπορίων γίνετε αποκλειστικά από τα περιττώματα των ζώων που τα καταναλώνουν. Συμβιωτικό με σωρεία από πλατύφυλλα και κωνοφόρα δέντρα όπως Πεύκα, Δρύες, Φουντουκιά κ.ά. (κείμενο από το βιβλίο Εδώδιμα & Τοξικά Μανιτάρια της Κύπρου, 2011).

English text

The summer truffle (Tuber aestivum) or burgundy truffle (Tuber uncinatum) is a species of truffle, found in almost all European countries.

In cuisine and commerce, particularly in France and Italy, the summer truffle (T. aestivum) is distinguished from the burgundy truffle (T. uncinatum).

However, molecular analysis showed in 2004 that these two varieties of truffle are one species. The differences between them are therefore likely due to environmental factors.
This article uses the older of the two binomial names, T. aestivum, to designate the species, while discussing the characteristics of the two varieties separately.

Summer truffles
The flavor, size and color of summer truffles (Italian: tartufo estivo) is similar to that of burgundy truffles, but their aroma is less intense and the flesh (gleba) is a paler hazel color.

As their name suggests, summer truffles are harvested earlier than burgundy truffles, from May to August. They are most often found in the southern part of the distribution area of the species, notably in the Mediterranean climate areas of France, Italy and Spain. Text from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuber_aestivum

Photographs by Michael Hadjiconstantis, Paphos District, May 2018

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