Thursday, 10 December 2015

Seriola sp.

Seriola is a genus of bony fish, commonly known as amberjacks. Nine extant species are currently recognized, although these were formerly split into many more. Also, several species are currently placed in several other genera of Carangidae that were originally described under Seriola. They are a large, carnivorous finfish popularly known for the firm texture and rich flavour of their flesh, which make them an ideal fish for aquaculture. Because specimens caught can weigh up to 41 kg (90 lb), and are powerful swimmers and hunters, they are also highly prized by sport fisherman.
Most Seriola species are either benthic, demersal or pelagic, and can be found down to 200 m in depth. All 9 species cover most of the globe in terms of distribution, usually in coastal waters. Most are shown to be pelagic spawners, releasing eggs into the open ocean habitat until hatching, and they do this through dioecious, external reproduction. Most Seriola species are found in schools, and have diets consisting of fish, squid and other invertebrates.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Underwater photo Cavo Greco 8mts  by Costas Constantinou

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