Saturday, 2 January 2016

Oecobius maculatus - Wall spider - Dwarf spider

Family: Oecobiidae

Wall spider is the common name for members of the genus Oecobius. The members of these several species are all very small spiders that make small flat webs over crevices in walls and in similar spaces. They possess an organ called a cribellum, which is a kind of comb-like device used to separate fibers of silk drawn from its spinnerets into many extremely fine fibers. Those fibers are so small in diameter that prey insects easily become entangled in them. The spiders then bite them before they can get away.

One cosmopolitan species is O. navus (sometimes also called O. annulipes).

One species of interest is Oecobius civitas. When a spider enters the home of another spider, rather than defend itself, the resident leaves to find another one. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Photos Paphos, 17/11/2015 by Michael Hadjiconstantis

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