Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Rocky-shore Hermit-crabs - Pagurus anachoretus (Risso, 1827) - Cyprus

Pagurus is a genus of hermit crabs in the family Paguridae. Like other hermit crabs, their abdomen is not calcified and they use snail shells as portable homes. These marine decapod crustaceans are omnivorous, but mostly prey on small animals and scavenge carrion. Trigonocheirus and Pagurixus used to be considered subgenera of Pagurus, but the former is nowadays included in Orthopagurus, while the latter has been separated as a distinct genus

Some 170 species are presently placed in Pagurus; many others have been placed here at one time or another but are now assigned to other genera of Paguroidea. Usually, a few new species are discovered each year. The following list is current as of June 2012

Photos by Costas Constantinou

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