Thursday, 26 April 2018

Aphantaulax trifasciata (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1872) - Cyprus

Aphantaulax trifasciata is a species of ground spider in the genus Aphantaulax, family Gnaphosidae

Aphantaulax trifasciata can reach a length of 6–10 millimetres (0.24–0.39 in) in females, of 4–7 millimetres (0.16–0.28 in) in males. The body is oblong-oval shaped, narrow and pointed at the back. The body color is black, with a broad transverse band of white hairs on the fore margin of abdomen, a second interrupted transverse band in the middle of the abdomen and a longitudinal white stripe on the cephalothorax. On the extremityof the abdomen sometimes there are two white spots. Legs are yellow-brown.

This species is present in the palearctic ecozone. It is absent from Central Europe, Britain and Scandinavia.

These spiders can be found under rocks and leaves, mainly on sea coasts or riverbanks. They usually hunt at night.

Aphantaulax trifasciata trifasciata (O. P.-Cambridge, 1872) (Palearctic)
Aphantaulax trifasciata trimaculata Simon, 1878 (France)

Photo Geri 23/7/2006 by George Konstantinou

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