Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Caliaeschna microstigma (Schneider, 1845) - Cyprus

Family: Aeshnidae

Range Description: Caliaeschna microstigma is an East Mediterranean species extending from the Balkans to Asia Minor, the Levant and Iran. An additional record originates from the very south of Turkmenistan. In Europe it ranges from the Adriatic coast of Croatia to the southern tips of Greece and Bulgaria. It is lacking in Crete, however, where it is replaced by Boyeria cretensis in similar habitats,

Population: Adults patrol continuously over the river bed and rather few are seen together. However remains of exuviae on the banks show that most of the localities produce an important population.

Caliaeschna microstigma is confined to stony brooks and small rivers which are at least partly shaded. The habitats are fast running with sections of stiller water where the larvae are present (Breuer and Douma-Petridou, 2000). The species is mostly found in hilly and mountainous regions from 0 to 1650 m a.s.l.

Major Threat(s): In most of the species' range, drying up of running waters due to rainfall deficit and direct piping at springs for irrigation and human consumption is the main threat for this species and has already resulted in local extinctions. This is expected to increase throughout the whole range of this species as wild piping is a usual process throughout the species range and is uncontrolled. Removal of gallery forests along brooks and rivers (forest fires, agriculture, building etc) will also lead to extinction of the species. From

Photos at Orkontas 8/5/2016, by Michael Hadjiconstantis

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