Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Blue-barred parrotfish - Scarus ghobban (παπαγαλόψαρο) - Cyprus

Migrant from the red sea

Scarus ghobban, also known as the blue-barred parrotfish, blue-barred parrotfish, blue trim parrotfish, cream parrotfish, globe-headed parrotfish, green blotched parrotfish, yellow scale parrotfish, and bluechin parrotfish, is a species of marine fish in the Scaridae family.

This species is blue-green to green in colour and commonly grows to approximately 46 cm. Its appearance is variable. It may have a central stripe on the dorsal and anal fins that is pink in colour. The underside of the body may be pinkish or yellowish. There may be blue markings around the area of the pectoral fin.

Scarus ghobban is widespread throughout the Indo-Pacific, known to live in waters from East Africa to Indonesia. It has also been found in the Mediterranean, likely having entered by way of the Red Sea. It also occurs at the Galápagos Islands.

Scarus Ghobban occurs in places with sandy bottoms and in areas with seagrass. It is also known to live in marginal reefs and in deeper waters

Scarus ghobban grows quickly and can live up to 13 years. It tends to congregate in small schools

While the species is captured in large numbers by fishermen for consumption and sale, and there is also a high amount of bycatch from other fisheries, it is not particularly targeted and appears not to be threatened at this point. As other parrotfish, it is dependent on coral reefs to some degree, and is likely to suffer from the continued degradation of same


Underwater photos 12/11/17 at Akrotiri by Kostas Aristeidou

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