Tuesday 2 January 2018

Cyprus tarantula - Chaetopelma karlamani Vollmer, 1997 - Κυπριακή Ταραντούλα - Endemic to Cyprus

Endemic to Cyprus 

Family - Tarantulas (Theraphosidae)

Chaetopelma karlamani is a small European tarantula species from Cyprus, which was discovered in 1995 andfirst describedby Patrick Vollmer in 1997. The species was named after R. Karlaman, the Cypriot friend of the descriptor and the discoverer of the holotype . The holotype (male) was found under a rock in a goat pen in Lapithos . The first paratype (a female) hidunder rotting wooden beams in the garden of a holiday homein Karaman . The species isvery smallfor the genus Chaetopelma. From

Chaetopelma is a genus of tarantulas that was first described by Anton Ausserer in 1871. They are found in Africa and Asia including the countries of Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Sudan and Cameroon.

They can be distinguished from the other tarantula genera, except from Nesiergus, because the presence of clavate trichobothria in two rows on the tarsi. Males have a tibial apophysis consisting of two branches, females having a long and slender spermatheca

Photos at Pentadaktylos - Akanthou, December 2014 by George Konstantinou.

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