Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Cyclosa sierrae Simon, 1870 - Orb-weaver spider - Cyprus

Family: Araneidae

Cyclosa sierrae is a small spider with no common name. It is an orb weaver. 

Cyclosa is a spider genus in the family Araneidae. Spiders of the genus Cyclosa build relatively small orb webs with a web decoration. The web decoration in Cyclosa spiders is often linear and includes prey remains and other debris, which probably serve to camouflage the spider. 

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Photos at Orkontas by George Konstantinou & Athalassa 3/4/2016, by Michael Hadjiconstantis


  1. This a great sighting. I am fairly sure this is a female of Cyclosa sierrae. At least it resembles the specimens from this species I have seen in other mediterranean countries, and I have found it in Kathikas and several locations in the Troodos mountains.